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2 min readMar 9, 2022


Introducing $PEECOIN is an exciting new project, which will make waves in DeFi community. Peecoin is fondly inspired by, very popular charting solution.

The goal of $PEECOIN is to enrich the portfolios of our holders, to educate them on how to earn a passive income and to reward them with $PEECOIN, and $BNB as we rollout our advertising smart contract.

The frictionless yield redistribution system automatically rewards holders of the token 4% of every transaction in PEECOIN and 4% will be burned. This project is completely rug-pull safe with our LPs fully locked with Unicrypt Network.


$PEECOIN is fair launched on March 9th, along with fully functional DApp. Ninety percent of the tokens are added to the PancakeSwap LP and locked for 12 months. 4% of tokens are allocated to team and locked for 18 months. 6% tokens are allocated for Marketing and Giveaways.

$PEECOIN PeeCoin Charts Tokenomics


Although our team has developed a grand vision, and a plan for the growth of PEECOIN, it is still very much a community-minded token, which places the values of the community at the forefront of its helm.

Marketing plan:

In regards to the marketing of the PEECOIN token, our team have been focusing its efforts on a variety of different ideas. Some of the major avenues that have been utilized till now include, social media campaigning, press releases, giveaway campaigns. With plans to go more in depth with influencers, banner ads, Coinmarketcap listing, CoinGecko, Nomics, DexTools and much more as we develop and strengthen community building efforts. This is subject to grow as the token gets farther into its lifecycle, and as the release of the PeeCoinBot, pLaunchpad, pLearn, pNFT gets closer, a more aggressive style of marketing will begin with it.

If you’re interested in our project and partner with us. Please email

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